Ever had your drink made way too strong or not strong enough? Chances are your local bartender hasn’t mastered the art of “free-pouring” yet.

Being a bartender, I’ve learned that you’re on the biggest stage of them all and making drinks is your show.

Europa – O’Gills Pub


You don’t always have the time to measure each pour precisely into a measuring cup (1 ounce, 2 ounce), so learning this skill is a must. Helps the drink-making process faster and plus, you’ll look cool.

Here’s a standard: The Four Count.

You count to the number four at normal pace. Life on a Cocktail napkin describes the pouring process; counting to “1” equals a quarter shot, “2” is a half shot, all the way up to a full “4” count — a traditional one full shot.

Next time you’re at a party, show your friends just how cool you really are. Don’t be afraid; grab that bottle by its neck, flip, and count, count, COUNT!

Be Your Own Bartender

The Perfect 2-Ounce

  1. Grab a bottle of liquor! So far so easy, right?
  2. Remove the cap and insert a pour spout in its place. These special items makes the pouring process much more accurate and smoother! Double-check to make sure its securely in the bottle.
  3. Grab a glass and fill with desired ice level.
  4. Grab the liquor bottle once again and pour over the ice.
  5. Count to “8” quickly out loud or in your head.
  6. Top the drink off with your favorite cocktail mixer. Enjoy!



Happy Bartending!

-Gigi & Tonic





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